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Location Photo Plan - Regarding the deposit

When you make an appointment of Yumeyakata's Location Photo Plan, a deposit of 10,000yen (30,000yen for Half day/whole day, 5,000yen for Oike photosession) will be invoiced.
【Payment deadline】3 days after the invoice issued
【Applicable credit card】VISA Master AmericanExpress JCB
*The price is for a Location Photo Plan only, which may vary by the package.
*If the photo shoot is cancelled due to severe weather conditions or force of nature, we will return the deposit in cash.
*In case that we do not receive your payment or any contacts before due, the location photo plan will be cancelled. Your appointment of kimono rental, on the other hand, will remain as booked. If the appointment is confirmed at 9:00AM, an early morning charge at 1000yen/person will incur once the location photo plan is cancelled.

Regarding the deposit refund when a Location Photo Plan is cancelled

We will return the deposit if the cancellation occurs within 30 days from the date of your reservation confirmed and more than 7 days before the reserved date. A reservation is considered a no-show if we are not notified a cancellation prior to the reserved day. The deposit cannot be returned for a no-show.

About Photographer Designation

The photographer designation fee is different depending on the photographer. Please see the different designation fees here.
Proposal Location Photo Package: the photographer designation fee is already included in the package price.
*If the designated photographer is not available for the shoot because of any unforeseen circumstances, another photographer will execute the shoot for you and the designation fee will be returned.

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